Parker At Your Door offers vaccines by appointment to the community, and to our patients. As a Parker At Your Door patient, your provider can vaccinate you at home as appropriate. Please let us know if you are due for a vaccine, or if you are not sure and have questions about any vaccine.

The CDC recommends that infants, children, and adults 65 and older should receive a pneumococcal vaccine. Depending on which vaccine you receive, you may need a follow up dose. Click below to visit the CDC for more information.

The CDC recommends a Covid vaccine even if you have already had the virus, and a second booster (fourth dose) is now available as well. Please click below to visit the CDC website for more information

The CDC recommends annual flu vaccines, and people over age 65 and/or have chronic conditions are at a higher risk of developing serious flu complications. Click below for more information about the flu and the flu vaccine.

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